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Deep Blue Analytics was founded in 2011 with the belief that companies need specialized skills to make sense of extensive data in order to support effective business decision-making. Through the use of objective data points and data analytics, companies can now gain a competitive advantage with sharper insights of massive data piles or “big data”. Deep Blue offers frameworks, methodologies and human capital to help enterprises gain an analytics-driven competitive advantage.

Our team has a combined 35 years of experience in data mining, artificial intelligence, machine learning, advanced statistics and operations research. We’ve applied our experience in a variety of domains including systematic trading, financial services, wealth management, health care and technology to solve complex analytical problems. We are backed by a wealth of on-going academic research in business process transformations using analytics, and evolving trends in the digital economy. In addition, we have a process in place to bring research advancements in information management and analytics to our clients immediately.

We fundamentally believe that our clients should be relieved from the complexities of building and maintaining predictive data analytics models and platforms. In line with that, our engagement model includes helping clients strategize approaches to business analytics, generating business insights frequently, developing predictive and prescriptive models, and managing the models until they yield a maximum impact for our clients.

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